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Sitar a persian/Dari word (three wire) is a traditional north Indian string instrument. Now It has up to 20 strings with pegs and about 20 freds as well. The finger board/sound board made of Tun wood and a big dry pumpkin guard fixed at the bottom of the sitar. It is about one meter long. The player sits cross-legged in the customary playing position. 

Sitar has been the king of Indian court music since the 14th century, invented by Hazrat Amir Khusrow who was one of the greatest Sufi poets in Asia. Amir Khusrow invented the Sitar by combining two ancient instruments, Veena from south India and Tanboor From north of Afghanistan.

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Classes at the Khalil Sitar Music School are fun, interactive & conducted on a one-to-one basis with
Master Khalil Gudaz.

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Ustad Khalil Gudaz now lives in Melbourne & teaches his unique style of Sitar music
and other musical instruments to interested people in Australia & beyond.