Ustad Khalil Gudaz - winner of multiple awards for his soulful music

1982  Gold medal, Afghan Artist Union Festival
1983  Musician of the year, Afghanistan
1992  Trophy from composer, Silipi parishad
1995  Trophy Ganesh Festival, Poona
1997  Trophy Golden Jubilee of India, Banaras
2001  Nominee for instrument of the year, Australian World Music Award 
2002  Grant from the Australian Art Council
2002  Achievement of Mastery
2002  Gold medal, India, Achievement for Ability
2004  Nominated as the golden sitar player by
            Afghanistan Embassy in Australia

2004  The best Artist award by Afghan/Australia artist Union
2005  Award from the Afghan European Artists' Union
2010  Trophy - Afghan-Australian Art Association from Melbourne
2012  Award from Afghan TV show
2014  Rumi World award nominee from Los Angeles, U.S.A
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Ustadji at Melba Hall Melbourne
Ustadji at Melba Hall Melbourne
Ustadji accompanied by Anuradha Pal
Ustadji accompanied by Anuradha Pal

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